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LIVRAISON GRATUITE presque partout au Canada dès 250 $ d'achat de matériel *


Instructions pour l'entretien du fil Tubular Spectrum™ de Lunatic Fringe Yarns

Instructions for the maintenance of the Tubular Spectrum wire™ of Lunatic Fringe Yarns

Lunatic Fringe Yarns offers some suggestions on how to maintain the hand-woven fabrics you'll create from Tubular Spectrum mercerized cotton yarns™.  These threads are very strong and their color is unalterable: the fabric you are going to create should therefore retain all its splendour for many years to come.


As with any hand-woven fabric, before the first wash, finish your work (with a zigzag, a point of Paris or other, so that it does not fray in the wash). If you have a finish with a fringe, be sure to finish it before washing. Do not cut the fabric before washing.

For the first wash, it is best to do it by hand, on the one hand, to control the agitation of the fabric and on the other hand, to ensure that the colors do not disgorge.
For hand washing, fill a sink with hot water, add a little soap and mix until dissolved. Add the fabric and let it soak for about 15 minutes, making sure the fabric is completely wet. Rinse in cold water until clear.

Place the fabric on a light-coloured bath towel, roll the set and gently wring out the excess water as you wrap it.  This gently removes much of the excess water while sparing the new fabric.  Unroll the cloth and towel and then dry the cloth and wet bath towel on the clothesline or dryer until they are slightly moist.  Especially on the first wash, ironing the wet fabric makes it possible to obtain a smoother fabric. For subsequent washes, the fabric can be machine-washed like any other good quality cotton fabric.  It will soften with the following washes.

We wish you a wonderful experience with the sons of the Tubular Spectrum™!

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