Yarn and fibers

Knitting, crochet, weaving: which needles and which density for which size of yarn?

Catherine Malichecq4/28/22

The labels of the balls or skeins of yarn are full of information: the size of the yarn, the composition of the yarn, the number of strands, the yardage, and the washing instructions among others. But how to make sense of it all?

Tisser avec du fil de lin : quelques conseils

Catherine Malichecq6/21/21

Tisser avec du lin semble freiner certains tisserands. On entend souvent qu’il est difficile à tisser, qu’avec ce fil, il est difficile d’obtenir de belles lisières. Pourtant le lin présente un certain intérêt. Avant de tisser avec du lin, assurez-vous de connaître celui que vous utilisez, car tous les fils ne...

Le lin : filage et caractéristiques

Catherine Malichecq3/26/21

Le lin est une des fibres les plus écologiques, nous en parlons dans l’article Le lin, la fibre au naturel ! Il est cultivé tant pour sa tige, dont les fibres sont filées, que pour sa graine, même si ce ne sont généralement pas les mêmes variétés qui produisent les...

Flax, a natural fiber!

Catherine Malichecq2/11/21

This is probably the most environmentally friendly fibre: it requires little fertilizer and pesticides and processing processes have evolved a lot. It is produced mainly in Western Europe and especially in France and Belgium, where the climate is very favourable. After 100 days, between seeding and harvesting, rusting, dyeing and...

Instructions for the maintenance of the Tubular Spectrum wire™ of Lunatic Fringe Yarns

Catherine Malichecq9/10/20

Lunatic Fringe Yarns offers some suggestions on how to maintain the hand-woven fabrics you'll create from Tubular Spectrum mercerized cotton yarns™.  These threads are very strong and their color is unalterable: the fabric you are going to create should therefore retain all its splendour for many years to come.  ...

From Albert Munsell's colour chart to the sons of the Tubular Spectrum ™: a creation of Lunatic Fringe Yarns

Catherine Malichecq7/28/20

Lunatic Fringe Yarns was born to meet the weavers of a guild who wanted to weave a color chart. Dyers worked on the stain. But once, the first threads tinted and woven, the demand doubled. The Tubular Spectrum ™ From these first dyes and some studies on color systems, Lunatic...

"Superwash" wool or not?

Catherine Malichecq1/21/20

Let's get this straight, "Superwash" is actually a term that comes from English, and it is also the term recommended by Termium - one of the references in translation - in French; it corresponds to the trade name of I.W.S Nominee Co. Ltd., again according to the Government of Canada's...

Corriedale wool

Catherine Malichecq11/26/19

You've probably heard that name? But where does it come from? What are the characteristics of this wool? Why do we use it? These are all questions that we will try to answer.   Above all, this wool takes its name from the breed of sheep that produce it. The...