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Du nuancier d'Albert Munsell aux fils du Tubular Spectrum ™ : une création de Lunatic Fringe Yarns

From Albert Munsell's colour chart to the sons of the Tubular Spectrum ™: a creation of Lunatic Fringe Yarns

Lunatic Fringe Yarns was born to meet the weavers of a guild who wanted to weave a color chart. Dyers worked on the stain. But once, the first threads tinted and woven, the demand doubled.

The Tubular Spectrum

From these first dyes and some studies on color systems, Lunatic Fringe Yarns developed the brightly coloured yarn set, called the Tubular Spectrum™.  These colors and their color names are based on the colour chart of Albert Henry Munsell, an American painter and art teacher who, in 1905, developed the concept of what would become Munsell's colour scheme. This system will be recognized and adopted internationally.

This shade is based on five basic chromatic fields: red R, yellow Y, G green, B blue, purple P plus five intermediate fields.
A shade will be defined by an abbreviation (English) as well as a number. Secondary or intermediate shades are orange YR (Yellow-Red), green-yellow GY (Green-Yellow), Cyan dark BG (Blue-Green), Blue-purple PB (purple Blue), dark magenta RP (Red-Purple).

Munsell's nuancier
By Thenoizz - Own work, CC BY 3.0,

The classification principle on which the Tubular Spectrum™ is based, includes the five basic shades: yellow, red, purple, blue and green, as well as secondary hues. Their names are the same: they are one or two letters, the first or the first letters of each color.

For these ten shades, Lunatic Fringe Yarns wanted warm tones and cool tones. Thus, two tones for each of the shades were created, as indicated by the numbers 5 and 10 that accompany the names of the colors.

Subsequently, as Munsell's system also includes greys, Lunatic Fringe Yarns integrated them to bring the Tubular Spectrum to 27 colors™.

Finally, in 2018, the original 20 colours were complemented by shades and tones (TNT); increasing to 44 the number of colors of the Tubular Spectrum range™, the unique interpretation of Lunatic Fringe Yarns of Munsell's concept.

Find these colors on the Tisse and File website and have fun discovering their interactions!

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