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LIVRAISON GRATUITE presque partout au Canada dès 250 $ d'achat de matériel *


S10 Concept spinning wheel - Irish tension - Louet

by Louët
Original price $983.00 - Original price $1,288.00
Original price
$983.00 - $1,288.00
Current price $983.00
The S10 spinning wheel is Loüet's original spinning wheel. Since its creation over 50 years ago, the S10 has undergone many small improvements. Today, however, the spinning wheel has undergone a major metamorphosis; you can design your favourite S10C by choosing :

- an Irish or Scotch tension brake (for Scotch tension click here),
- the look of the wheel wheel: the classic S10 wheel, the three-spoke Julia wheel or the new five-spoke wheel,
- a single or double pedal, and last but not least
- the flyer with hooks or slider.  

Finally, you choose your bobbins and other accessories.

In all versions, the S10 Concept can be easily dismantled and stored in the bag you can order as an option.

You over time, you can upgrade your S10C with additional accessories: you can switch from a single pedal  to a double pedal (or vice versa), change wheels or drive, switch from Irish to Scotch tension by changing the flyer and bobbins.
The new S10C wheel offers you a multitude of possibilities. Of course, you can also combine the classic S10, the S10 DT and the S11 Julia.

- Wheel: 50 cm (19 3/4"); classic, 3-spoke or 5-spoke
- Ratios: 1:4, 1:5, 1:6
- Orifice: 12 mm (1/2"), sole height 70 cm (27 5/8")
- Tension: Irish (IrT)
- Flyer: hooks or sliding hooks
- Finish: varnished

- 3 bobbins,
- a two bobbin lazy kate,
- a regular flyer.

Optional accessories:
Its functionality and adaptability are such that your spinning wheel as you evolve. You can add:
- extral bobbins
- high-speed bobbin and matching flyer
- high-speed fat core bobbin
- bulky bobbin and matching flyer
- stand-alone foldable skeinwinder
- stand-alone lazy kate with adjustable brake for four bobbins
- extra lazy kate for two bobbins (for S10 DT only)