Teintures nature : la couleur, de la plante au textile


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Tisse et File

By Babs Behan, Kim Lightbody
Book in French

Turn flowers and plants you've picked, recycled plants into natural dyes and inks, and learn how to infuse textiles and papers with their subtle hues.
Discover everything you need to master dyeing at home. Step-by-step instructions (using fresh and dried plants) and a variety of techniques (shibori or bundle) will lead you to great projects, from dyeing table linens to making a printed bag to build on and apply your newly acquired knowledge.
Babs Behan, dye expert and founder of Botanical Inks Studio, brilliantly demonstrates how using natural dyes is an opportunity to reconnect with nature, unleash your creative juices, and explore a virtuous, eco-friendly path to bringing color into our lives.

ISBN: 9782812617676
Publisher: Rouergue
192 pages
October 2019