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LIVRAISON GRATUITE presque partout au Canada dès 250 $ d'achat de matériel *


Brooklyn : le nouveau métier de table de chez Ashford

Brooklyn: The new table loom from Ashford

We were waiting for it and it has arrived, and we have tried it for you!

Métier à tisser de table Brooklyn Ashford table loom

This small loom is the perfect stepping-stone between the rigid heddle loom and multi-shafts looms. It is ideal for learning how to weave.

With its 4 shafts and 16 inches of weaving width, it has a deep beam to beam working space. Compact, it is very pleasant to work with and this small loom can be placed on any table or desk at home.

This loom possesses many attributes of Ashford table looms:

  • an overhead beater whose mechanism allows it to come in contact with the fabric at a

90-degree angle, and which automatically returns to its position at the back;

  • a generous rising shed
  • as for all Ashford looms, the shafts are hung on each side, thus avoiding any imbalance or friction
  • Texslov heddles, light and silent,
  • 40-tooth nylon handles and ratchets which provide good tension.

The Brooklyn is made of solid beech and its sides are made of plywood. It can therefore be finished with, among others, the wax from Ashford, left unfinished, or decorated to your liking.

Like all Ashford table looms, the Brooklyn is very good value. It is also a wonderful loom on which learning about the pleasures of working with multi-shafts looms is very pleasant.

The Brooklyn comes with a 10dpi reed, 320 Texsolv heddles, 1 guide, 2 flat shuttles, 5 cross/warp sticks and 10 cardboard warp separating sticks.

Les accessoires optionnels :
- stainless steel 6, 8, 10, 12, 16 dpi reeds
- Texsolv heddles
- Raddle kit
- warping board (4 yards and 11 yards)
- warping mill
- navette bateau Ashford
- boat shuttles and bobbins from Ashford
- Winder
- Warping sticks
- Wax from Ashford

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