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LIVRAISON GRATUITE presque partout au Canada dès 250 $ d'achat de matériel *


Ashford 8-shaft Jack Loom

This Ashford loom was my first 8-shaft floor loom. Others have followed, and yet it is always with the same pleasure that I weave on it. After leaving it for a few days or weeks, when I sit behind it and start launching the shuttle, pick after pick, I can't help but think "Wow, this is such a nice loom". And it really is.

Let me tell you a bit more about its characteristics.


This loom was first marketed by Ashford over 30 years ago. It has been redesigned and improved over the years.

Made of varnished silver beech wood, this loom comes in one width - 97 cm (about 38 in) - and only in 8 shafts/10 treadles.

Let's start with the beater. The bottom pivot is close to the floor. The movement is pleasant, smooth and gentle.
The beater is equipped with a built-in shuttle race that facilitates the trajectory of the shuttle (no more falling shuttles!). As for the top of the beater, it can be dismantled and adjusted on the reed thanks to two knobs that can be easily screwed and unscrewed. It's really practical and well thought out. As the front beam can also be removed very easily, finding a comfortable position for threading is quite easy.

Like some other floor looms, the warp beam release system is based on a steel ratchet on the front right side. The system is effective, as is the rear friction brake.











Turning to the rear of the loom: the warp back beam parts folds away, even with a warp on it, making the loom space-saving when not in use (about 76 cm deep when folded). The back beam has a built-in raddle if you decide to warp indirectly. A wooden rail protects the raddle and holds the threads in the desired position.

The shafts raise and lower guided by some smooth nylon grooves. This makes it very easy to remove the shafts to add, for example, heddles. And I must say that the system is quite practical. The metal bars supporting the needles allow you to push back the rubber plugs that hold them in place and thus slide in extra heddles if needed, before putting everything back in place.

The pedals have 8 holes through which Texsolv cord is passed. All that remains to do is to attach a Texsolv pin to the bottom of the pedal: a very practical system for modifying the attachment. And last but not least, the shed. When the pedals are attached at the right height, the shed is really nice, especially for an 8-frame.

Another advantage is that the shafts, with their Texsolv heddles, are still light to lift, even when tying 6 shafts together.


I also particularly like the beautiful shelf on top of the castle. It gives the loom a nice finish and of course it is very practical.


The big advantages of this loom:

- the price: excellent value for money
- Quietness: the heddles, the foam on which the shafts rest and the pedals make it relatively quiet.
- Efficiency: the nylon grooves to guide the shafts, the attachment of the pedals, the raddle... to name just a few.

The inclusions:



- a 12-dent reed, 5 cross sticks, 10 wooden warpsticks, 800 Texsolv heddles, a 35cm Ashford boat shuttle.

Dimensions of the loom:

Dimensions: height 110 cm, width 110 cm, depth open loom 100 cm, depth closed loom 76 cm

You want to convert it for sectional warping, that's also possible!


On the Online Store :
- Ashford 8 Frame Floor Loom
- Ashford Trades Bench
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