Zephir - Merino-Silk Yarn


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Jagger Spun Yarn

This unique blend of natural fibres produces a light, shiny yarn. Composed of 50% fine merino wool and 50% Tussah silk, this yarn is truly very refined.

As wool and silk dye differently, the thread from this mixture may have, in some shades, a slightly "tweedy" appearance and present neps, i.e. occasional small piles of silk.

21.5 microns for wool, about 21-22 microns for extra blanched silk

100g skein (about 1,120 yds)



Plain weave: 16-20 epi and dpi
Twill: 18-24 epi and dpi


24-32 stitches/4 inches
Needles: 2.25 to 3.5 mm

The finished garments should be dry-cleaned or washed very gently by hand. We cannot be held responsible for damage caused by other cleaning or finishing methods.

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