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The Erica Loom is an easy-to-use and affordable table Loom.

This Erica Loom is an interesting choice and an alternative to a Rigid Heddle Loom. It is available in 2 shafts (with the possibility of extension up to 4). Easy to use, its tension is more regular and a wide variety of yarn (reeds optional), from the thinest to the thickest can be used. It has a large shed (4.5 cm).

The loom folds completely flat (even with a warp), transporting and tidying easily.

Technical specifications and inclusions:

- choice between: 30 cm or 50 cm wide;
- choice between: 2 or 4 shafts (possibility of extension to 3 and 4 frames later when choosing to start with a 2 frames);
- built-in raddle;
- 10 dent stainless steel reed (other optional sizes);
- 200 texsolv heddles 150 mm high;
- Dimensions: 46 cm x 62 cm x 42 cm high. Fold: 16 cm high.

Sold without shuttle or passette.

Optional accessories:

- extension kit for a 3rd and 4th frames;
- additional reeds of 2 to 10 dent per cm;
- 105 mm heedle;
- support;
- starter kit;
- bag for the Erica of 30 cm.

Additional information:

- Erica loom
- assembling of the Erica loom
- warping and dressing the loom

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