MEGADO Dobby Head V2 - Louet

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Tisse et File

The Megado Dobby drives the Megado loom, selecting harnesses that will be raised in accordance to your weaving pattern.  Unique to the Dobby 2.0 is its Wifi connection.   The Dobby 2.0 contains a computer that includes proprietary Louet software.  This software allows you to operate through a web browser (such as Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox or Google Chrome). The web browser communicates with the Dobby software via a wireless connection (Wifi). 

A weaver can design on your favorite design software, transfer a WIF file to a flash drive, plug the flash drive directly into the Dobby 2.0, open the file using a laptop, tablet or even a smartphone (browser on any of these devices) and then weave on your Megado.


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