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LIVRAISON GRATUITE presque partout au Canada dès 250 $ d'achat de matériel *
LIVRAISON GRATUITE presque partout au Canada dès 250 $ d'achat de matériel *


Louët: a brand whose stellar reputation has long been established.

For just over 45 years, Jan Louët has been creating spinning wheels and looms. What is special about him? Before being a spinner or a weaver, Jan was a designer from the very famous Dutch Design Academy in Eindhoven. His greatest interests were the manufacture of objects, and especially the research required to improve them.


Here is the story of this extraordinary company.


While Jan Louët was designing retail displays, his boss’ daughter asked him to repair her spinning wheel, of a model popular in the Netherlands at the time. He was fascinated by the object’s mechanism. The question that tormented him was how he could improve and modernize this object. He succeeded, shocking some, seducing others. The S10 was born.

A few weeks later, when he was just a beginning spinner, Jan Louët took part in a Dutch spinning championship. The prime objective was to show the S10 spinning wheel and to meet people. He finished 3rd in the championship, thanks to the ability of his spinning wheel to offer slower treadling, thus allowing the production of a thin or thick regular yarn. The spinning wheels of the time made it possible to spin fine threads, but it was more difficult to spin a thick thread. For Jan Louët, this represented a real success.

Thus, in October 1974, the company Louët BV was founded by Jan Louët Feisser and Clemens Claessen, a friend from the design school. During the previous six months, sales of the S10 spinning wheel had been so promising that the establishment of the company became urgent.


In all humility, Jan and Clemens attributed their success to three elements: the right product, the right time, and the right place. Indeed, Holland was experiencing unparalleled growth during this period, and the S10, apart from its remarkable design, was easy to use. Orders multiplied; the company expanded, organized and moved to a bigger location.

Louët then launched into manufacturing looms. The goal was always to find ways to improve these. And it was a new success. Multiple improvements emerged and weaving looms became adapted to each weaver. 

The Erica, Klik and Jane stable looms are small, making them handy for someone with limited space or wanting to take their loom with them on the go.

The David is a small popular loom that is modest in appearance, but surpasses many large looms in functionality. The Spring et Delta have a parallel countermarch system for harness action and a moving breast beam to control the tension of the warp, making them easy to use. 

The Octado et Megado also have a moving breast beam and, like the Magic Dobby, they can be fitted with a mechanical or electronic dobby, making it easier to weave intricate patterns.


All Louët looms are equipped with a multitude of well-thought-out details that considerably improve everyday life and the pleasure of weaving.

Jan Louët's dream was to create smart and functional products that would bring happiness to the people who use them, and without a doubt, he has achieved his goal.

Thank you Mr. Louët.

Tisse et File has been distributing Louët products since its opening. Why? Because Louët products are unique, pleasant to use, well designed and innovative. We have several Louët looms on display at the shop. We invite you to contact us to come and try them.

If you do not find the Louët product you are looking for on our website, contact us at, and we will gladly order it for you.


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