Dharma Fiber Reactive Procion Dyes - natural yarns


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There is no better dye for natural fabrics (such as Cotton, Rayon, Hemp, Linen, Silk, etc.) than Fiber Reactive Procion type Dye.
Brilliant, mouth-watering, and permanent. They don't fade, even after repeated washings. They are economical, safe, and easy to use.


USE FOR: Tie-Dye, Tub or washing machine Dyeing (solid color), Low Immersion Dyeing, Batik, Dye Painting, Silk Painting, Screen & Block Printing or Stenciling, even Tie-dyeing Silk in a Microwave


USE ON: All natural Fibers (Cotton, Rayon, Hemp, Linen, Silk, etc.), Wood, Cane, and Rattan


For lighter shades: reduce the amount of dye, and for even deeper shades, increase the dye.

Remember, color charts and monitors can vary and are intended as a guide only.

Certain chemicals are required for use and there are MANY ways to use this dye.

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