Dharma dyes for wool, silk and nylon


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Tisse et File

These professional acid dyes are from the Dharma range and are used for silk, wool and nylon.

Here we offer you interesting and permanent dyes. Indeed, these dyes do not fade, even after repeated washings if they are washed properly with fresh water. They are economical, safe and easy to use, and of a quality superior in every way to the current dyes.


We have chosen to offer you some basic colors that are easy to use and some that might be a little more complex for the amateur dyer to obtain.

These dyes respond to a wide variety of creative techniques, including dyeing in solid colors, microwaving, baking, printing, spraying, painting, steaming, etc.

You'll get very different results, color changes, color separations with blends, etc. depending on the techniques and fibers you use. Test


Always wash items dyed with acid dyes in cold water or dry.


For most colors, tub dye in at :

- 1.5 to 2% of the weight of the items to be dyed for most colors

- 4% for colors with an * next to their name.

Use more or less depending on how deep you want the dye to be.

Keep out of reach of children and pets.

Made in: United States