Multiple Tabby Weaves


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Tisse et File

Based on Dr. William G. Bateman's Manuscript
Shuttle Craft Guild Monograph 35
by Virginia I. Harvey

" Multiple Tabby Weave is an extension of the M's and O's technique; however, Dr. Bateman's development of it makes many of his 4, 6 and 8 harness drafts and samples unrecognizable as the traditional technique.

Dr. Bateman's text has been printed with no omissions, changes or alterations. His text, which is printed on a gray background, precedes the related text prepared by the editor. The only part of his manuscript that has been rewritten is the wefting directions. The information is the same, but the method of presentation has been changed to a more conventional form of tie-up and treadling. Missing samples were rewoven following Dr. Bateman's directions and using the choice of materials he suggested. The document is illustrated with treadling and tie-up diagrams as well as black and white pictures of the samples."