Ashford Niddy Noddy


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A Niddy Noddy is a very useful accessory for winding yarn from the spinning wheel bobbin and creating skein.
Ashford Niddy Noddys have removable arms to facilitate storage and transport. They are made of silver beech.

The standard and sampler Niddy Noddy have tapered ends for easy skein removal.
The Jumbo Niddy Noddy designed with one smooth tapered arm to allow easy skein removal, and three curved arms to keep yarn in place until you're ready.

Three sizes are available:
- the sampler: for skeins of 90 cm (36") in circumference.
- the standard: skeins 1.5 m (5') circumference.
- jumbo: 2 m (79") skeins and more than a kilo.