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L'Art du tissage - Betty Briand

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by Betty Briand
book in French


Betty Briand's interest in textiles is rooted in her peasant childhood: weaving, spinning, vegetable dyeing, knitting, rope-making... Inhabited by this passion passed on by her grandparents and after a solid training with Anglo-Saxon teachers, she became a full-time weaving teacher. Today, she trains many trainees, sometimes from far away, in her ARTissage workshop-school located in Chinon in Touraine, while continuing her research on the subject.


A unique, complete, erudite, clear, practical and technical book on the art of weaving.


In this book, intended for weavers of all levels, the author, who is truly passionate about weaving, transmits the sum of several years of teaching, research and exploration to offer a progressive and fascinating learning method.


In this highly illustrated book, the drawings are by Alix Albrespy-Boiron and Angèle Coquerie and the photos are by Jacques Péré.



PART 1 - Materials and preparation of the loom: materials, tools, yarns, design of the fabric (weave, density, sampling), understanding the weaving, treadling and tying diagrams, installing the warp on the loom, correcting potential errors and then weaving

PART 2 - Weaving structures: basic weaves (plain, twill and satin), weft and warp weaves, compound structures, openwork structures, deviated structures and double weave

PART 3 - For further study: block and draft profile study, fabric analysis, evolving a structure, installing an additional warp, inspiration and creation.


Title : L’art du tissage

Subtitle : Apprivoiser la technique pour créer en liberté

Author(s): Betty Briand

Publisher(s): Eyrolles

Publication date: 28 Oct. 2021

Edition: 1st edition

Nb of pages : 296 pages

Format : 21,5 x 28

Cover : Hardback

Weight : 1554 g