Lunatic Fringe Popping purple scarf


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Lunatic Fringe

With this kit, weave two scarves, one for yourself and one to offer!

This kit includes the instructions and yarn needed to make two scarves, about 8'' x 60 plus a 4' fringe, in six shades of purple yarn.

The scarves, soft and flexible, are made with a three-shaft loom or a Rigid Heddle loom and a pick-up stick.

According to Lunatic Fringe Yarn, the level of difficulty is: beginner to Intermediate

Materiel needed: 4 shaft or rigid Heddle loom and a pick-up stick.
Minimum width of 10"
Reed 12 dents per inch
A flat shuttle or shuttle boat and bobbins

Kit content:

6 1.5 oz cones of Tubular Spectrum mercerized cotton yarn™ (one in each of the following colours: 5R (red), 10RP (dark magenta), 5RP (dark magenta), 10P (purple), 5P (Purple) and 10PB (Blue-Purple).