Ashford Yoga Yarn


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Each ply of the Yoga core spun cotton yarn has a nylon filament core completely covered by a cotton outer wrap giving you the best of both worlds: strength and elasticity of nylons and natural comfort and beauty of cotton!
Ideal for knitting, crochet, and weaving fabrics, jackets, pullovers, scarves, shawls and homewares.  
Where it shines most is rigid heddle weaving.  With the slight elasticity of the yarn, there will be no more “saggy shed” when weaving on a rigid heddle loom!
Yoga's weight is Ne 8/2, but looks and weaves like Ne 5/2. You can use it for your warp, weft or combined with other yarns.
Composition: 82% Cotton, 18% Nylon core
Cone weight: 200gm
Length: 1260m/1386yds approx.
Yarn count: Ne 8/2    Wraps per inch: 24
Weaving sett: 15- 20 epi