20 Color Gamp Kit - 20/2


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Lunatic Fringe

Lunatic Fringe has split its Tubular Spectrum colour wheel in two™ to carry out this color gamp.

This kit contains instructions as well as ten of the brilliant colors of the Tubular Spectrum™ to weave 4 studies of 18" sides. They will allow you to explore the colors and their interactions as well as the effects produced with 2/2 and 3/1 twill, the barley grain, the Bronson, the Summer and Winter...
After that, you can more easily anticipate color interactions, which will save you some pitfalls when planning your future projects.

This kit is available in 20/2 yarn in 1.5 oz (400 yards/bobbins). You will then have to choose to receive 10 warm colors or 10 bright colors.

Colors are: 5Y (yellow), 5YR (red yellow), 5R (red), 5RP (dark magenta), 5P (purple), 5PB (Purple blue), 5B (blue), 5BG (green blue), 5G (green) and 5GY (dark cyan), 10Y (Yellow), 10YR (Red Yellow), 10R (Red), 10RP (Dark Magenta), 10P (Purple), 10PB (Blue Purple), 10B (Blue), 10BG (Dark Cyan), 10G (Green) and 10GY (Yellow Green).

Level: Beginner to Intermediate

Materials: trade 4 to 8 shaft