Best of Weavers Hucklace


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The folks at Weaver's Magazine gave one of our great teachers and writers a project: compile the best articles from Weaver's on the area of pattern weaving encompassing huck, Swedish lace, et al. Then collaborate with Alexis Xenakis, an excellent photographer. The result is a beautiful look at some of the more interesting texture weaves and projects utilizing them. The articles range from simple traditional 4-harness huck to dobby loom network drafting. Complex weavers and beginners will marvel at the depth of this study. For me the best part of this book is the clear pattern diagrams accompanied by detailed photos of the weave structure.


Full title: The Best of Weaver's: Huck Lace

By: Madelyn van der Hoogt (Editor)

ISBN-13: 9781893762015

ISBN-10: 1893762017

Cover: Softcover