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These acidic dyes for wool, silk and other animal fibres are made in Europe by Bayer for both enthusiasts and professionals. They have been carefully selected for their compatibility and, when mixed, they will produce a wide range of shades. The dyes, which are easy to use, are safe and compliant with the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 standard. For more information, see Ashford's dye tutorials.

Available in 12 colours:
Yellow, emerald, green, rust, turquoise, scarlet, bright pink, blue, brown, purple, navy blue and black.

Three sizes available: 10; 50 and 250 g.

It's so easy!
10 g of powdered dye and 10 tablespoons of white vinegar dye 1 kg of fiber in a pure tone. For smaller amounts, a teaspoon of powdered dye with two tablespoons of white vinegar will dyer about 200 g of fiber.

Please note that Ashford products are only available for deliveries to Canada.