Rouet ''Traditional''


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The Traditional is the most popular wheel, a classic for more than 45 years. The 22-inch (56cm) wide wheel is mounted on a ball bearing that allows you to spin effortlessly and maintain a constant speed.

The independent adjustment of the drive belt and brake is easy to understand and use. The coils change rapidly and the Scottish voltage system with a three-speed pin allows a range of wide wools to spin; The horizontal bar adjusts to achieve a perfect alignment with the pulley's four gears; The coils are quick and easy to change. feet apart from the wheel give good stability, especially when the wheel is spinning at rapid speed; The pivoting of the pedal makes the heel-point movement comfortable.
This wheel comes with a natural or varnished finish and double or simple workout.
The double training allows the spinning of a firm twisted yarn that is suitable for fine wool and exotic fibers.


  • Orifice 1cm;
  • Wheel diameter 56cm (22 inches);
  • 100g coil capacity;
  • Single workout ratios 7; 9; 12; 17; Double drive ratios 7.5; 10 (14 coil training;
  • Weight 8k;
  • Choice natural finish or varnished.


  • Kate Lazy Cantre;
  • 4 Standard Reels (SB);
  • Thread hook.