Rouet e-spinner Super Jumbo


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The Super Jumbo e-spinner has an episle and reel the same size as the Country Spinner 2. It is also powerful, versatile and very easily transportable. It is suitable for spinning all types of yarns: thin, thick, creative, textured and, of course, for the devious.


  • Varnished finish;
  • Weight 3.65 kg (8 lbs);
  • 27 mm orifice, two additional 15- and 9mm reducing rings;
  • Belt-driven reel and soft leather brake;
  • Large sliding ring pin;
  • Frictionless guide-wire;
  • Quick and easy reel change with the snap-in system;
  • Silent engine while possessing power (12 volts, CC 2). Gradual start and variable speed from 0 to 500 laps per minute.


  • High-capacity reel (1.4 kg or 3 lbs);
  • Padded carry bag;
  • 12-volt power supply with interchangeable wall sockets (depending on countries);
  • 1 switch.


  • Car power cord;
  • "Country 2" reels;

Cantre for super Jumbo e-spinner wheel.