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The compact, portable Country Spinner 2 wheel is suitable for fancy yarns.

This wheel, originally inspired by the Cowichan Indians on Vancouver Island who were spinning their thick son, was launched in 1980 as an Indian wheel. Over time it turned into a "Country" wheel and in 1999 was equipped with double pedaling.

The COUNTRY 2 wheel is equipped with many features including a 27 mm (1 1/8 inch) orifice, a large pin and coil (which can hold up to 1.4 kg of wool) that make spinning and twisting fancy yarn easily. The 3 slow ratios allow the spinner to control and manipulate the wool as it stretches. The wheel is mounted on a ball bearing while the pedals have hinges; the spinning is therefore effortless, silent and smooth.


  • 3-speed reel with ratios of 3, 4 and 5:1 and a capacity of 900 g to 1 kg;
  • 27 mm wide pin orifice for very thick wires;
  • Orifice height: 72.5 cm (28 1/2 inches);
  • Soft leather brake band and a sensitive voltage setting;
  • Polyurethane hinges (maintenance-free);
  • Polyurethane bielle for gentle pedaling;
  • Nylon fasteners for the rods;
  • Double pedaling;
  • Wheel diameter: 46 cm;
  • Integrated Cantre;
  • Weight: 8 kg
  • Choice natural finish or varnished.


  • 1 three-speed Country reel;
  • 1 thread hook.

Optional: Orifice gearboxes, sliding rings, extra coils, Country 2 wheel cantre.

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