Corriedale wool blended wicks (100g bag) - Ashford


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These bags include seven different colors of Corriedal wool strands. They are perfect for various handicrafts: needle or water felting, carding, spinning, etc.

27 to 30 Microns, approximate fiber length 11cm (41-4 inches).
Available in 8 colour variations in 100g bags.

Summer - Summer (CSPSU) - green tea, kiwifruit, bean sprout, lime, mint, spearmint, green.
Autumn - Autumn (CSPAU) - scarlet, orange, purple, magenta, tangerine, chilli pepper, raspberry.
Winter - Winter (CSPWI) - white, bubblegum, indigo, lagoon, blueberry, lilac, blue.
Spring - Spring (CSPSP) - cupcake, candy floss, marshmallow, pansy, strawberry shortcake, grape jelly, lavender.
Pastels - Pastels (CSPPA) - white, honey, mint, lavender, cupcake, ice, fog.
Furry friends - Furry Friends (CSPFF) - white, grey, chocolate, butterscotch, toffee, cookie, liquorice.
Fluorescent - Fluorescent (CSPFL) - fluro lime, fluro orange, fluro pink, fluro yellow, fluro blue, white and black
Rainbow Bright (CSPRB) - scarlet, orange, yellow, green, turquoise, purple and magenta

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