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LIVRAISON GRATUITE presque partout au Canada dès 250 $ d'achat de matériel *


Les métiers à tisser à peigne envergeur : tisser rapidement et facilement

The looms are very popular. What for? They have many significant advantages and are an ideal choice for anyone who wants to start weaving.

The handworks consist of a wooden frame, two rollers (shoulder), one at the front, the other at the back and a rigid comb - or sender comb - that acts as the smoothers (or needles) and the ros,in other words it allows the wires to be lifted and lowered and spaced on a regular basis.


A loom with great possibilities

With this loom you can weave scarves and scarves, doilies, dishcloths and towels, shawls or other clothing, bags, cushions, etc.

With a comb job, you get the equivalent of a two-frame trade. So you can easily weave pieces into canvas or its derivatives. To say that the possibilities with these looms stop there is a huge mistake.
First, it is possible to add a second comb that allows to weave other armor. Second, there are many techniques to use that expand the possibilities and offer the weaver or weaver enormous creative possibilities.
And advantage, not insignificant, the apprenticeships made on these trades are transferable on looms including looms with table frames and flooring.

Ashford Photo


An easy-to-use loom

Another advantage of these combing trades is that it is easy to start weaving: the assembly is easy and fast. The instruction booklet allows you to start weaving very quickly; depending on the size of the trade, in just over an hour, you will be able to embark on your first weaving project.


A small loom

The comb trades are very practical. Thinly, they slip everywhere: in a cupboard, under a bed, in any confined space. They are light and therefore easy to carry even in a bag... and all this even if the wires are mounted on the craft.


A low-cost loom

Another significant advantage is the low cost.
Starting weaving on a framed trade involves costs - sometimes high - because of the necessary equipment. The comb-comb trades, be it the Rigid Heddle, Sample It or Knitters, come with flat shuttles, a weaving ankle and cardboard weaving chopsticks, a comb; all the equipment you need to get started. If you want to weave with thinner threads, add an extra comb in 12.5 or 15.


Accessories that increase the possibilities tenfold

Its trades can be complemented by various accessories:
supports for rigid Heddle,Sample It or Knitters;
- additional combs (allowing weave more or less large threads);
- Vari-tooth combs;
- shuttles;
- undulating shuttles;
- chopsticks to lift the wires and many others.

And to help you get started, the Ashford book, in English, about the comb trades.

What beautiful creations in perspective!

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