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LIVRAISON GRATUITE presque partout au Canada dès 250 $ d'achat de matériel *
LIVRAISON GRATUITE presque partout au Canada dès 250 $ d'achat de matériel *


Contemporary weaving: the necessary equipment

We see it everywhere, it is very fashionable.

Extremely creative, this type of weaving is within the reach of everyone, immediately and quickly. Once you have learned the basics of warp assembly, which takes only a few minutes, you can discover the basic interlacing and weaving of different threads, fibers, ribbons or other materials.

The limit? Only one: your inspiration!


Once you have made your first mural you can display it or give it as a gift and quickly start again and create new models or objects, because beyond the murals, you can also weave cushion covers, bags, placemats, etc.

The material required for this kind of weaving is :
- a tapestry frame. There are several sizes and models that you will find here,
- thread for the warp,
- wool and fibers,
- needles or flat shuttles.

It should be noted that you will also find complete starter kits: the monochrome kit and the bright kit from Ashford in particular. The advantage of these is that you have everything you need to create your first project with instructions. Later on, you can reuse the basic material, such as the frame or the wooden needle, to create new designs.

Lightweight and compact, your frame can be carried anywhere with a project in progress.

Happy weaving!

The particularities of frame weaving :

Age: for all
Start-up cost: low
Use: weaving murals, cushions, placemats and much more.
Level of difficulty: easy even without a class.

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