Rouet Traveller - Ashford


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This beautiful little wheel is an ideal travel companion

Castle style, light and compact, it is easily transported. It comes in singles or double workouts. It can therefore spin a fine to medium wire using the 4 ratios or with the Jumbo pin (optional) a large thread.
The wheel is easy to start thanks to its double pedal designed for heel-point movement. The ball bearings allow you to pedal effortlessly.

The settings are very simple and are simply operated from the belt independent of the braking system (Scottish voltage system). Four cans are provided and are easy and quick to change.


  • Choice of finish: natural or varnished;
  • Training choice: single or double;
  • Compact, lightweight and easily transportable;
  • Wheel 46 cm [18 inches] in diameter;
  • Integrated Cantre
  • Double pedal
  • Orifice: 1 cm
  • Hole height: 80.5 cm (31 3/4 inches)
  • Simple drive report: 6; 7,5; 10; 14
  • Double drive ratios: 6; 8; 10,5
  • Weight: 7 kg (15 lbs)


  • 4 reels
  • Integrated Cantre
  • Thread hook


Pin kit, Jumbo pin

Please note that Ashford products are only available for deliveries to Canada.