Rouet e-spinner 3 - Ashford


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Our new e-Spinner 3 is the smallest, lightest and most versatile electronic spinner. Take it with you everywhere!

This e-spinner is equipped with a powerful 12-volt, 70-watt engine, silent and at variable speed from 0 to 1800 turn/minute.


  • Varnished finish;
  • Quick and easy coil change thanks to the pin's snap-in roll;
  • Practical spinning and twisting using the scattering rings, frictionless wire guides;
  • 15 mm (5/8 inches) orifice and a reductive socket for thinner wires;
  • Weight: 2 kg (4.4 lbs)


  • Padded carry bag with shoulder strap;
  • 3 jumbo coils (225 g capacity);
  • Cantre;
  • Switch;
  • Oil.


Car power cord.

Please note that Ashford products are only available for deliveries to Canada.