Starting to weave with a table loom: the basic equipment

Catherine Malichecq5/14/21

The decision is made, you want to weave, but you may be wondering what equipment you need?

When starting to weave with a shaft loom, in addition to a loom, certain equipment will be needed depending on the type of loom you already have or will acquire. Here is a rundown so you can be well informed.


The first thing is to know if the loom has a sectional beam (the beam is the wooden cylinder at the back of the loom: it can be smooth or it can have sections - metallic or wooden clamps - that allow to separate the yarns).
With a sectional warp beam, in general, we practice direct warping (preparation of the yarns before weaving) and with a warp beam without section, we practice indirect warping.
Why is this important? Because the equipment to be used depends on the warping.

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For direct weaving, you'll need:
- an electric bobbin winder;
- a yarn holder;
- a tension box;
- a yards counter.

For indirect weaving, you'll need:
- a weaving frame or a warping mill;
- two warping sticks (included in the Ashford and Louet trades);
- kraft paper or weaving sticks (included in The Ashford and Louet trades);
- a raddle;
and ideally:
- a manual or electric bobbin winder;
- a yarn holder.

Whatever the job, you'll have equalneed:
- a heddle hook;
- a boat shuttle;
- bobbins adapting to the shuttle.

Here are some other things you can help later:
- additional shuttles and bobbins;
- support if you have a table loom;
- a bench;
- additional heddles (be careful, sizes vary depending on the trades);
- additional reeds;
- weight;
- a fringe twister;
- an umbella swift if you use skein wires.

And of course, you'll need sons!

And if you need support to get started or to improve, you can sign up to learn weaving at:

Tisse et File Cours (in French only)

With all this equipment and learning essential steps, you will be able to create at leisure and explore with the perspective of hours of happiness and endless discoveries... and certainly, the birth of a passion.

Good weaving!

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